Why Try the Hopper?

The Hopper is an affordable solution to provide your family with a Whole-home DVR system.  You can connect up to 4 HD TVs using a Hopper and 3 Joeys (smaller devices that can access the Hopper’s tuners and DVR storage from), giving you the ability to access your favorite recorded shows from any room in the house.  Packing one of the largest storage drives in the industry (2 TB!), you can record up to 2,000 hours of programming, and your only problem will be finding the time to catch up on all your shows.

Unlike other DVRs, the Hopper comes with many unique features, meaning that it can accomplish a lot more than just recording and playing back shows.  With a variety of Joeys to choose from, you can tailor how you would like to set up your entertainment system – with a wireless internet connection, with or without wires, even install DVR on a TV outside!  For those who just can’t get enough TV, you can record up to eight channels at once, so you’ll never have to miss shows because they are on at the same time.

One of the most appealing additions for the Hopper is the Dish Network Sling Adapter.  With the Sling, you have a low cost option to extend your entertainment to any computer or mobile device (using an Internet connection).  So now, you can take your recorded shows and live TV outside of the house.

The Hopper sets a new standard for Whole-home entertainment and can be paired with a variety of channel packages to tailor your interests and needs.  Contact us now to learn more about the Hopper and the endless ways it can complete your home entertainment system.  Learn more about the Hopper here.

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