Overlooked Channels in the Top 120

Are you getting what you could be getting out of your current channel package? Dish Network’sTop 120 package combines the most popular shows in America with great value. The best part is, you get more when you explore!

If you’re in a bit of a viewing rut, try switching up your schedule. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of the Top 120.


This year, show up to that Kentucky Derby party with actual favorites in your pocket! Now is the perfect time to learn about the art and sport of horseracing.

If you’re just getting started, try a high energy introduction to the sport on Race Day America (Saturdays, 1 p.m. EST). You’ll find updates on races, interviews with trainers and the big money makers, and insider knowledge about what makes this whole game run. Winter races are held in warmer climates – think Santa Anita Race Track in Southern California, or Fair Grounds Race Track in New Orleans. Check out a full schedule of track events at http://www.hrtv.com/schedule.

Of course, you can’t get away from the gambling! Visit the experts on The Edge for a quick 30 minute scoop on how race prospects are looking. The Edge runs every few hours Friday night through Saturday midday to get you up to speed and to the bookies for the big races on Sundays.

CCTV – If you need a grownup alternative to Saturday morning cartoons, tune into Central China TV for their new documentary series Spectrum Asia. The series, which launched just before New Years, features some of the continent’s finest new film directors exploring the richness and diversity of cultures across Asia. The show airs Sundays at 11:30 p.m. Beijing time, which means you can catch it Saturday mornings here in the United States. CCTV also broadcasts new live from Beijing on its China 24 program, giving a first-hand look at important economic and political issues developing within China.

Pentagon Channel –

Chances are, you probably know someone with military experience – you may even be a veteran yourself! Keeping abreast of America’s global military operations can be daunting, particularly when it isn’t the focus of more mainstream news channels.

The Pentagon Chanel (TPC) is produced by the Department of Defense specifically to keep our 2.6 million veterans and their families up to date on military affairs. Programming includes daily briefings from the State Department and the Department of Defense, as well as long-form segments that dive into some meaty analysis. Tune in to Strategic Deterrence in the 21st Century (Tuesday, Jan 20, 10 p.m. EST) for an in-depth exploration of America’s current nuclear situation.

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