Internet Anywhere: dishNET

How do people access the Internet when DSL or cable connections aren’t available? For the millions of people living in remote areas of America, options for internet access are sparse and usually default to antiquated dial-up connections. Rather than surf the internet at snail speed, Dish offers rural customers a reliable satellite internet alternative: dishNET. In the past, satellite internet has straggled behind its broadband counterparts due to slower speeds and higher latency but now with newer, higher-capacity satellites, dishNET customers can experience internet speeds up to 10 Mbps, as fast as 4G.

So how does satellite internet work? Similar to satellite TV, all you do is position a satellite dish at your home or office and point it toward an orbiting satellite, which provides an uplink and downlink for data. Since satellite internet does not use telephone lines or cable systems, it is widely accessible and can be received anywhere in the United States – mountains, plains, even by sea.

dishNET is not only fast, it’s also affordable. Customers can bundle dishNET with a qualifying Dish TV package to save monthly and can avoid the hassle of monthly bills with the convenience of just one single bill. Dish offers a variety of internet plans to choose from, so customers can pick a plan that suits their speed and data needs.

With dishNET, you don’t have to sacrifice cutting edge technology because of where you live. Contact us today to pick the right internet package for you. Learn more here.

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