DISH’s “Refer a Friend” Program Reminds Us That The Best Things in Life Are Meant To Be Shared

DISH TV. A PlayStation 4. New friends.  Up to $500 in extra spending money (saved on your monthly DISH bill). Basically, the ultimate indoor entertainment/winter survival kit. And today we’re going to tell you how you can get it all at no additional cost to you!


From recipes and movies to restaurants and viral videos, it’s human nature to seek out and share good stuff. When you share something worthwhile, it enriches your own enjoyment—and it feels even better when someone takes time to share something valuable with you. Now, DISH is giving you a few new incentives to share—to the tune of up to $500 in savings per month and a free PlayStation 4!


Listen up! This applies to you (1) if you don’t yet have DISH and want to save money or (2) if you already have DISH and want to save money. To those taking notes: Every human who reads this will fall in one of those two categories.


Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to take advantage of this opportunity! The process is just as simple as it sounds:

  • If you are not yet a DISH customer, find a current DISH customer before signing up and both of you will save $50. (The new customer will save $50 off of their first month’s bill. The existing customer will receive a $5 discount for 10 months).
  • If you are a current DISH customer and you refer a friend, DISH will shave $50 from your monthly bills and another $50 from the first bill of the person you referred. Plus, when you share, you’ll be making your old preschool teacher proud. Because sharing is basically the only thing we were taught in preschool. That, and “don’t shove crayons up your nose.”


Here’s how it works!


  1. Instructions for the current DISH customer
    1. Visit the referral site here
    2. Click the “Refer Now” button and print off your “Refer a Friend” certificate and code.
    3. Talk to a friend who could benefit from DISH and give them the certificate you printed.


  1. Instructions for the new DISH customer/referral
    1. Call 1-888-957-5464 and order DISH.
    2. When setting up service with a representative, let them know you have a “Refer a Friend” code you would like to use courtesy of a current DISH customer.


  1. Now both the “new” and “current” customer can kick back and enjoy DISH for $50 less! The new customer will receive a $50 reduction on their first month’s bill, and the current customer will receive a $5 discount each month for 10 months.


Fortunately for both the new and current and customer, the savings don’t have to stop there.


Suppose, for the sake of an example, that you were the “current” DISH customer in the scenario above—meaning you just made your first referral. If you liked the look of your bill after its slimdown, and if you have more than one friend, then there is good news: You can do the exact same thing again next month and save another $50. (In fact, if you refer 10 friends then you can get $50 off your monthly bill for the next 10 months, accumulating a total savings of up to $500!)


Finding your second referral might not be difficult. In fact, check your doorstep. If word has gotten around the neighborhood that you can save anyone $50 instantly, people may have started lining up to be your friend.
Suppose you refer a second friend to DISH. (A month is plenty of time, after all. Plus, with its unmatched services and pricing, DISH basically sells itself. And who better to know the benefits than you, who use it every week?)


So, you find your second referral with plenty of time to spare and receive a second discount—congratulations! To celebrate your collective savings, you and your two referrals/new best friends break out the tailgater and throw a Sunday night football party in your backyard—complete with exactly $200 worth in burgers and snacks.


After the party dies down, you start thinking: “If DISH will let me refer as many as 10 friends and save up to $500 (plus the $500 my friends will save), why not do this again next month? I could wind up with a house full of friends in time for the Super Bowl!”


At this point in the game, DISH brings out a “kicker” to rival Adam Vinatieri—guaranteed to deliver the extra point game-winner every time: When you refer your third friend, DISH will dispatch Santa’s sleigh on an early practice/delivery run to airdrop a PlayStation 4 (complete with Hopper setup) for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season!


Regardless of whether we have a snowy Christmas, you can make it rain green with as much as $500 in monthly savings for yourself and your new referrals.


Just think, a collective savings of $1,000 would fund quite the Super Bowl party! And when you make your third referral, not only will you earn three true friends—the kind who laugh at your bad jokes and don’t question your love of bacon ice cream—but you will also earn an unsurpassed fortress of cutting-edge gaming entertainment to fill the hours you’re not enjoying the best satellite television on earth!

As wintry weather kicks up, it’s beginning to look like we’ll all be spending a lot more time indoors—but who says that has to be a bad thing? DISH has you covered.


You don’t need social media to “share.” And you don’t need the snarky whims of El Niño to make it a “green” Christmas at your house this year.  All because you don’t need a kitten dancing in front of a fish aquarium for entertainment. All you need is DISH… and a few good friends.


Spread some holiday cheer this season, and SAVE BIG!


-Drew Neuenschwander

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