DISH TV: Why Get Service From TCC

It’s time for a new DISH Network package – but where do you start? Here’s a suggestion: go to your nearest TCC store. Visiting a TCC retail outlet can help you get exactly what you are looking for in your DISH package, for the best price. TCC employees deliver premium customer service during the research phase to make the entire shopping experience smoother, less expensive, and more satisfying.

The Cellular Connection (TCC) is one of the country’s most successful DISH Network retail partners.  TCC employees help thousands of customers a day explore their options. The key to TCC’s long-term customer relationships is asking more questions – lots more questions. TCC employees will ask questions you didn’t even think to Google yet. In turn, you will probably ask your sales representative questions that you wouldn’t have asked otherwise.

For example, what channels are included in that DISH Network package you want? How important is it to you to be able to watch live TV on your mobile device using the DISH Anywhere app? Questions get you as a customer to the place where you are happy with your products and service from Day One.

TCC’s customer service is based on three core values that come out of its roots as a small local business.

  • Giving customers one-on-one attention:
    • At TCC, employees focus on each customer because they know that service starts from the first interaction. They make sure there is enough time for you to ask questions and consider alternatives.


  • Providing solid, objective information about plans and options:
    • TCC takes pride in educating each employee about the different plans offered by our partners – Verizon and DISH. It can be overwhelming to try and navigate all of the plans available these days. TCC employees can explain our partners’ current offerings to customers in an objective, digestible fashion because educated customers make better choices about what their families actually need.


  • Passing savings onto the consumer:
    • TCC is proud to be one of DISH Network’s most valued partners, as well as the nation’s largest Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer. Being a top tier reseller brings amazing advantages! TCC benefits from bulk pricing and elite support from DISH Network, and passes the cost savings and promotions on to you through its 550 retail locations.

Find your nearest TCC location here:

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