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Experience TV the Way You Want It at an Affordable Price with Dish

Welcome to Dish Activations! We are an authorized Dish Network retailer, providing Dish TV and DISHNET a Satellite based high speed Internet service.  At Dish Activations, we want to give you the best service possible. Our motto is Every call, every time, because we want to serve each of our customers as efficiently as possible, whatever their needs may be. Whenever you have an issue or question about your Dish Network service, we'll always be available to provide you with professional service and a quick response. With Dish Network, you have access to hundreds of TV channels, On Demand movies and more! Explore our available packages, our FAQ section, special offers and technology options today, and let us know if you have any questions. We're here to serve you!

$50 Gift Card

Dish Activations is the only provider to give something back more than just great entertainment. Currently qualifying customers are eligible to receive a fifty dollar Visa gift card with sign-up. This is an offer exclusive to Dish Activations, call us now, sign up today, and get rewarded! Learn More

For The Tech Lover

What good is cable service if you can't have all of the programming right at your fingertips? With DISH, you'll have access to not only the standard high-definition channels and DVR service that lets you record your favorite shows to watch later, but you'll also have Google TV -- a stunning feature that allows you to merge both your TV and web viewing into one cohesive experience. And, if you're looking for an update to your standard cable DVR capabilities, DISH's new Hopper is an industry-leading, cutting edge DVR service that goes beyond what you've seen from your cable provider. The Hopper allows you to pause, play, re-wind and fast forward from any room in your own. You can access your DVR library on all the TV's in your home and take your programming with you from room-to-room! Learn More

Take Your Show On The Road

You don't want to be tied to just your home television. You live life outside of your home, so why not take your entertainment with you wherever you go? With DISH, you'll get our Sling Adapter service which allows you to watch any DISH programming on your mobile device whether it's an Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can watch live TV or any of your DVR recordings right from your mobile device from wherever you are. Try that with Direct TV. The jokes about tardy cable guys are only funny because they're true. If you've wasted too many hours waiting for your Direct TV technician to show up, you'll be pleased to find that Dish Activations has an outstanding track record of fully competent DISH customer service, satisfied customers and reliable signals. In the time you've spent waiting for service from your cable provider, you could've enjoyed hours of clear DISH programming. Learn More

The Blockbuster Advantage

Are you sick of the same 2-star movies your cable service has to offer? How many times can you surf through the same movies and come up empty handed before you finally call it quits? Chances are, you're already at that point. With DISH, you'll have exclusive access to The Blockbuster Movie Pass. With your DISH subscription, you'll be able to choose from more than 100,000 movies, receive TV shows and games by mail and have unlimited access to in-store exchanges. With your Movie Pass, you'll get the best in movie channels like Starz Cinema, Sony Movie Channel and the Sundance Channel -- or, you can keep browsing the same tired movies with Direct TV. The choice is yours. Learn More

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